Sunday, September 13, 2009

Next Class Project

I signed up for my second Reupholstery class before the first one even ended. And, I already found a project! While I have time now to tackle this, I'd much rather have some guidance with all the work it will take. I spent about 2 hours in my parents garage a few Saturdays ago and almost demoed the chair completely. A few callouses, fatique, and a Booster Club kid looking for support for this year's sports equipment (only in the suburbs!) stopped me short of victory.

She was in pretty good shape. The fabric was just dated and dirty - the kind of velvet that makes you want to wash your hands :(

I think this used to be horsehair. It was so wiry, but I'm sure that chair was cozy in the winter.
Upholstery is dangerous! Beware of sharp objects at any turn!

Now - what fabric to use. I'm thinking this, by Rubie Green:

East Village

Too trendy? I'd love to hear your comments!


  1. I love the fabric choice! How can you not love anything pink??? Keep up the great work! -Wendy

  2. Something bright and trendy would be perfect for this forgotten treasure. Good luck with the makeover!!

  3. I like the raspberry and white. Are you painting the chairs and what color ?