Monday, November 2, 2009

New Faux Bamboo Lounge Chair

I had a productive weekend scoring some great furniture pieces! If I only had room for more.....

I feel very inspired this week.  We went to the Mount Auburn Cemetery on (of all days..) Halloween because it was such a warm, beautiful fall day.  Did you know Central Park was modeled after this cemetery?  It is beautiful!  The colors of the  leaves and limestone were such a great inspiration.

Here is a horrible cell phone shot from the top of the monument looking at the Boston skyline:

You get the idea......

I am soooo excited for this chair to arrive.  My sister has her eye on it already so hurry up and email me if you're interested.

I am picturing it in one of David Hicks' geometric patterns.

Remember this?

or for a less bold statement


  1. That is a great looking chair. I'm sure whatever you do to it, it will look fabulous! I have a week of removing deeply imbedded staples from dining chairs (argh) there an easy way of doing this???

  2. I LOVE the David Hicks fabric- in any color its a great choice!

    So glad to find another Boston Blogger!