Friday, December 18, 2009

Feeling the love

A fellow blogger bought a set of the Faux Bamboo Chippendale Chairs this week.  She sent me a link to her blog with a post referencing my site (Thanks Hannah!!).  I think you should go check her out:  We would be total BFFs if we lived closer.  I am excited to look at a whole new cache of inspirational design photos.  And, her husband is a fellow ginger.  I so love that he was Prince Harry for Halloween!  

One of my loving friends sent this to me earlier this week:

Off to Vermont this weekend to meet another future BFF.  She lives in Montreal and my shipping methods do not travel to such foreign destinations (!) so we are meeting half way to complete the transaction.  My home will soon be rid of all things Faux Bamboo Chippendale......tear.  I'll be on the search again soon.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. just found your blog...i'm off to read more about faux bamboo and chippendale! the "ginger" comment is sooo cute