Monday, January 4, 2010

Woulda Coulda Shoulda........

Dearest Blog could you let this get away for a mere $20.49???  Did you not read Jenny's post last month?  Seriously.........

I have my eye on SO MUCH furniture and it is killing me that I have no room for any of it. Argh.  I went on a scouting trip while I was in Hotlanta last week and was both shocked and pleasantly surprised at the price points there.  The infamous Pieces is so over priced.  I have seen that stuff on ebay and at flea markets for a fraction of the price.  Their target market must not be very resourceful.  Savvy Snoot has some great deals.  And there were way too many flea markets to see.  The allusive Scott's Antique Market will have to wait until I am in town during the middle of a month.

So,  my projects will just have to wait.  I do have a set of oval cane-back dining chairs on hand and am debating about a fabric......for me?  For you?  I haven't decided yet.  

Cross your fingers that soon I will be at a certain home inspection in a certain kingdom by the sea IF this certain bank accepts our offer.  And then this blog may have to be about a Charleston single renovation.

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  1. You need to post more often....just sayin =)

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