Wednesday, April 21, 2010

DIY Stencil Project

I threw my girlfriend a baby shower in March and per usual had some hair-brained hand-made present I wanted to give her.  I always do this......think of something I WANT to do, but don't actually devise HOW I'll do it.  I attempted a mock-up of the piece prior to the shower, but it was a disaster.  Luckily, the party was out of state and I used the excuse that it was too large to transport to buy me some time.  Lots of procrastination took place and now I find myself 1 week away from moving and staying at her house for a night during our drive.  Ahhh!

Insert my artist sister, Molly, and all is right in the world.  Although, I didn't buy all the proper materials, we managed to improvise.  I'm almost done and will post ASAP.

1 comment:

  1. haha you sound like me. Sometimes I get myself in such a pickle trying to be all original and creative with gifts and then it occurs to me how much easier it would've been to just grab something from a shop.
    Can't wait to see!