Tuesday, September 28, 2010

White With Kids?

We desperately need a new couch but don't want to spend too much money with my ever-changing decor and recent depletion of funds on this project.  I came across this awesome sale on WestElm.com and can't pass it up.  $299 for a couch?  Thats cheaper than anywhere else I can imagine and husband won't mind too much when I want a different one in a few years :)

Cooper Slipcovered Collection

I am  rationalizing the white color by buying extra slipcovers for the sale price of $40 each.  I figure I can get a few good uses with washes on each. 

Then I was catching up on my blog reading over at Pure Home Style and can't agree more with Lauren's philosophy:

"However, (and here's my little white bedding arguement/ rant: Some people say that white bedding isn't practical when you have dogs & kids & I couldn't disagree more. You see, I want to know when there's something dirty on my bed, not camoflauge it. I'm not saying that you have to have white bedding if you have dogs/ kids, only that if you do want it, it's great for germaphobes and people like me who don't mind washing the bedding frequently... "

What are your thoughts?  How do you deal with stains?  Do you prefer out of sight out of mind?

On a side note - I'm bummed that the Armchairs are already sold out because I wanted to copy this look found in House Beautiful's October issue. (We all know I DO NOT need anymore chairs :)


Room View


  1. Darling, let me just say that they spit up and projectile vomit everywhere... And their little fingers are always dirty. Now if you can wash the cover, you'll be ok.

  2. I have to say...I would never buy a white couch =( Why did those pulls break???