Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi My Name is Katie and I'm a Chair Addict

I l-u-v.........

Sweep Arm Leather Chair

the color (elephant!), the fabric (kid-friendly!), the nail head trim, AND the price ($599!).  Thank you, West Elm, for feeding my needs.

Oh, man, a pair of these would look so cozy in front of the fireplace.  Too bad the fireplace doesn't work :(

I have an urge to purge my other furniture and buy new (or, new to me), but no one buys furniture from Craigslist down here.  How does one unload their good stuff without giving it away?  Also, how does one buy new stuff without any money?  Riddle me that dear readers.

Happy Friday!!!!  Let's hope this weekend is better than last.  Let's just say I lost the battle with a spilled can of paint.  Did I mention is was GREEN paint?  We now have daily reminders of the incident everywhere.....:)


  1. ha ha I love the chair and I am loving all the chairs I am seeing these days with nailheads. I know what you mean about the craiglist thing. I bought the troy sofa from Crate and Barrel (kind of an impulse buy) but it's not comfortable and I don't want it. How do I sell it???

  2. Nice! I'm so down with anything that has nailheads:) As for Craigslist selling, is there somewhere not to far from where you are that you has better selling? You could always list there and then ship. Or take the stuff to a consignment store- good for getting a guaranteed price.