Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Survey

Thank you all for your comments!!  I purchased the zig zag fabric this weekend and am excited to get started.  We'll be in NYC this weekend so it will be a slow moving project (but you guys should be used to that by now).

The blue ikat chairs will go back into the study once I get the white cane chairs back from the upholsterer.  The Chiang Mai pillows will go in there, too.  So, Martine, not to worry about patterns clashing.

Molly, I promise I'm not living in a color-less world.  I have one sister who loves my white phase and one who hates it.  The one who hates it likes to give me unsolicited advice :)

And, Ladies, I'll keep the sideboard :)  We're too lazy to move it.  Hence the old couch in the guest room/study:

Don't judge.  We call this the "crap room".  I've always wanted a craft room.  I guess I need to enunciate  when I make my wishes.

This leads me to the next survey........What do you think, should we put a bed in here for all our upcoming guests?  We have the EZ Bed (totally awesome, BTW), but I think this room needs some definition.  I'm dreaming of twin headboards beneath the windows.  Pretty not practical.  What would you do?  
Side note:  we may be renting out the house for 6 weeks this summer so a bed will be necessary.

I so want to add arched headers to those bookcases and paint the back a different color.  I wish Jenny would hurry up and show us how it's done.


  1. I love the look of twin beds in a guest room. I would go for it if you have enough space. If not, a daybed with a pull out trundle bed could be an option. That way you could have the daybed set up like a sofa most of the time and still have enough beds for guests when they stay over.

    ps - Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day :) !

  2. "We call this the "crap room". I've always wanted a craft room. I guess I need to enunciate when I make my wishes." Heeee heee :-D

  3. I don't HATE it! I just loved how you did your old place. I'm sure it still has that worldly vibe. I'll just have to see it for myself.

  4. Hey Sweetie! I wish I could offer advice, but I get stumped with designing our home with limited resources. I'm sure you will do a great job whatever you decide to do. Especially, by looking at what you are capable of with furniture renovation, it looks like it'll be a cinch for you guys.

    Have an awesome day!