Friday, January 28, 2011

Before And After (After): Living Room 2.0

I already posted the renovation before and afters of the living room, but thought I'd show you the work in progress of furniture placement.  This is the latest set up, but it changes monthly.

The ottoman looks gigantic in that picture.  It kind of is, actually, but I suppose the room is kind of small, too. Do you ever wish you could take your thumb and index finger and enlarge your room like you enlarge a website or photo on your smart phone?  Ugh, technology plays too much into our brains  these days.  Sometimes, after a particular lengthy go at Mario Cart, my husband will see an odd looking car on the road and think he is still in a race.  True story.

The fireplace is proving to be a problem.  We didn't make it functional because it was very expensive.  But now we are left with a gaping hole that collects lots of debris and crumbling brick.  Not so sure what we'll do once Quinn starts crawling.
Those ikat chairs were supposed to be the office chairs in the study.  That's a whole other project to stress about before our first guests of 2011 arrive in a month.

This side board is a new addition to the room.  We love it, but it really doesn't have a purpose in this house.  We thought about selling it, but Craigslist is not great for selling expensive things here and I like it too much to let it go for cheap.  I guess you can never have too much storage, right?  The wood is too nice to paint or I'd have it in a pretty rubbed gray color. (Notice the freshly painted chairs ready to go to the upholsterer this weekend?)

This is where the burlap drapes (or the new striped fabric?) are supposed to go.  The navy panels were left over from the nursery and are just too dark for the space.

Which do you like better?  

picture this steamed and hemmed

Or this?

Lucky for me, the fabric is on sale this weekend for only $14 a yard!  I'll definitely be picking up a few yards for something.


  1. It's coming together so nicely!! The ikat chairs are gorgeous and can't wait to see what you upholster the side chairs with!! Your kitchen in the background looks fantastic! I would definitely opt for #2 - I love it!!

  2. I agree with the second choice too. I think burlap looks like burlap, particularly when it's the "original" color. And although it's inexpensive, it won't wear well, so a more expensive fabric may end up being cheaper... I love the ikat too; there's nothing like a blue & white color scheme.

  3. I vote for the fabric.....sorry! Maybe you can use the burlap in the guest room.....Love everything!-Sassy

  4. Your home is gorgeous!!! I adore those ikat chairs and your kitchen makes me nuts- so fabulous. I agree with everyone, go for the fabric- the herringbone is fantastic!

  5. I think you need more contrast with the curtains. It would be cool to do a wood block (or potato) print on the burlap.

  6. I like molly's idea of doing a print on the burlap. I fear that the print would be too much contrast when looked together with the ikat chairs. Another road to go might be to incorporate the flower print of the pillows with the curtains.

  7. Your living room looks so great Katie. LOVE your sideboard. Fast forward a few years and you'll be looking for one just like it to house all the jigsaws, art supplies, lego, board games...DON'T SELL IT!!!

  8. Wow! Your living room is coming along very nicely. You could always put a large basket with some birch logs in the fireplace (big enough to fill most of the void) or, look for a wrought iron or small folding screen to put in front once your little one starts crawling. Your sideboard is fabulous - don't part with it - large pieces like that are hard to find and they are so versatile. I have a similar one that I bought for my dining room (2 houses ago) and now it is in our family room with the TV on top. I do like the patterned fabric over the plain burlap - would you consider just having valance boxes covered in a fabric over your blinds instead of drapes?

    Great blog - I will be following :)!

    Ali (

  9. Oh, honey, it's coming along FABULOUSLY! Can't get enough of your house. So great.

  10. Your kitchen looks fabulous! Our kitchen is around the same size as yours. I know how you feel. As for the fabric....definitely go with the geometric shape. It looks fun and chic at the same time!

    You have a great blog! I'm now your latest follower!
    Rambles with Reese

  11. OMG Katie, I can't wait to visit. The house looks amazing, you've done so much. There must be a solution for the fireplace, a screen, logs or something of that nature. As for the drapes, I love the print but I'm sure any choice you make will look fabulous!