Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updates and new project

I just ordered the East Village fabric in Raspberry from Rubie Green!  Thanks, Michelle, for setting up an account for me!  I feel very business-y now.

The chair is coming along great and the fabric should be on it by next week's class.  This is the current state of the project.  I just tightened the springs, added webbing and burlap, and started working on the arms with cotton and muslin.  Next is more cotton and muslin on the seat and back and on to fabric!

I am scoring my resources for fabric for this new project:

They are both the same color, but the photo came out weird.  The wood is in pretty bad shape so I may have to paint it (white? or a bright color?)

Anywho, I was thinking Imperial Trellis

I was playing on a fabric site and ordered a bunch of expensive samples.  They all arrived this week and I am in love.  Why do I have champagne taste and a bud light budget?

From left:  Couture Home's Contessa, Donghia's Suzani, Schumacher's Imperial Trellis, Schumacher's High Voltage, and Alan Cambell's Zigzag.

Swoon.  Apparently I have to return the samples within 30 days.  Now what is the fun in that?  I wonder if it is a designer faux pas to disregard that request.


  1. I am obsessed with Rubie Green's East Village pattern, and not simply because I used to live there : ) Love her stuff. Go green!
    XX Kate

  2. The chairs are actually two different colors. You didn't give me photo credits. boo.