Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More Tile Help, Please

The never ending tile list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.......

Ever since I saw Julie's kitchen, I have coveted white glossy Moroccan tile for the kitchen backsplash.

So - on my search, I've narrowed it down to these:

 At Overstock: 10+ sq ft for $64.99

(bottom tile) Edgewater Studios for $40/sq ft

I like Edgewater Studio's use of tile for the hearth (is that the correct term for it?).  We were just going to get a slab of marble at a remnant store.  Do you think it would be overkill to use the same tile for the backsplash (only a small 3x3 ft space above the stove) and the living room hearth (just the floor portion)? 

Since we aren't getting too fancy with any of the work, we figure we should splurge on high impact items to increase the resale value.  Would this "wow" you during an open house?

Before Repointing - We'll keep the white mantle for now

After Repointing - Tile would go on the floor in front

Unfortunately, the fireplaces will not be operating.  They will be outfitted to, but the complete process is out of the budget.  When we win the lottery, we'll make the living room one functioning.  For now, I like this idea

Image from Belle Maison

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  1. My two cents - love the overstock and edgewater tile!. Think both would be great for the backsplash. I like the idea of tile for the hearth but how about mixing it up w/ something different? A matchstick slate or carrara might be cool with the white mantle....

    You're ebay post has inspired me. I want new bedroom furniture!