Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Scott Antique Market

I was really bummed that I missed Brimfield Antique Market last week.  I plan on going to the July show, but needed to get my fill before that.  Lo and behold, we happened to finally be in Atlanta when Scott Antique Market was open.

I was prepared for fields of stalls, but was greeted with 2 smallish buildings and a few tents outside.  It was very manageable for a day trip and I liked a lot of the vendors better than Brimfield.  At Scott, you don't find a lot of sellers with the same thing and many of the items are unique, reclaimed pieces.  While I love a good treasure hunt, I was happy to see styled booths and edited pieces in some sections.  I read Eddie Ross' article in the NY Times prior to my visit and really tried to heed his sage advice.

I fell in love with this horse head right off the bat, but was unwilling to pay $250.  I didn't get a feel that the seller was much of a bargainer.  Mr. Ed was about 2 feet tall and would have looked amazing hanging about the fireplace.....

There were a lot of Union Jacks floating around. Inspiration from the recent wedding no doubt.

If I ever find myself living in a loft, I'd like to fill it with things like this:

I really like the black background pull down chart art that has been popping up everywhere.

I was thisclose to purchasing these awesome hand blown drinking glasses, but it came with a set of salad plates that I didn't like.  I could have talked myself into them, but after packing our house 2x in a year I have become very good at walking away from stuff we don't need.

I had visions of creating an Eddie Ross tablescape and then had to remind myself that we don't do dinner parties anymore.

All this flea marketing has got me wanting more.  Next stop?  NY's Antiques Garage sometime this summer.

Do you have any local must-see Flea Markets in your area?


  1. The big one in the greater Chicagoland area is the Kane County Fair. It's the first weekend of the month. We have gone (Peter likes to bike out there) but I wasn't very tempted. I don't mean to sound snobby, but when you're from the East Coast, the antiques out here aren't so antique! They do have a lot of "auto" stuff, like very old gas pumps and signs. More things for your loft I guess! Love the horse... ;-D

  2. Who needs a horse head when they have two mermaids heading their way? :)

  3. I love the pull down chart too!