Friday, June 3, 2011

30 Day Diet

I followed the Spring around like a groupie last month.  If you start in the south and slowly work your way up, you can have a month of perfect weather and wisteria blossoms.  I love witnessing earth's big yawn from hibernation and watching the people slowing defrost from a cold winter of being cooped up inside.  I miss this most about living up North.  I miss the big smiles us runner's and dog walkers would exchange.  That knowing look of huge appreciation to be able to just breathe again.  The sun followed me to Boston last week and I got to see all of this again.  It was great!!

I'm back in the house and avoiding unpacking.  I'm hoping the closets will unpack themselves or the contents will just disappear; I clearly did not need them anyway.  I don't even know what to wear.  There are too many options now.  I need to simplify.  I need to purge.  I need a house detox.  I'm thinking this:

Image courtesy of Cococozy

Anybody have any suggestions for a yard sale?  Best month/time/advertising?


  1. Nah! That is really too stark,with no personality, except that of the architect's. How lonely Quinn would look toddling through that space... you'd have to buy him all white toys. I like what I've seen of your home,far richer with Asian and beach inspired textiles and hand made touches. Having moved around a lot, I know how you feel. You need to nest! ;-D

  2. I think you need to hang up your hammock! :)