Monday, February 22, 2010

Carriage House bathroom

During renovations to the main house, we will mostly likely live in the back carriage house.  The 2 units in there need some upgrades, but we plan to rent them out to students so we don't want to go overboard with expenses.

Do you remember living like this?

Of all the units (main house and 2 in the carriage house), this bathroom is by far in the best shape.  And, it is easy to see the potential here.  If the accountant (AKA my husband) allows, this is what I'd do to it:

I'd re-tile the floors in a simple white penny tile design with grey grout.

high-heels 010

Photo courtesy of Camila at High Heeled Foot in the Door, who swears these tiles are at Home Depot for $2.50 a square foot.

Then I'd make a "No-Sew Pedestal Sink Skirt" a la Jenny at Little Green Notebook under which I'd stash a basket for the hairdryer, straightener, etc

I'd install 2 Ekby Mossby Ikea Shelving on the wall above the toilet for towel storage

and the AKURUM wall cabinet on the adjacent wall to hide toiletries, etc.

Add a few hooks and choose a paint color and we have a livable-yet-doesn't-break-the-bank rental bathroom.


$2.50  x 50sf   = $125
Fabric for skirt = FREE from my stash
2 shelves          = $90
wall cabinet      = $44
Paint                = $20
Labor              = FREE (thanks husband!)

                       = $279 Total how to paint the rest of the unit (kitchen, living room, bedroom), re-tile the kitchen floor, add a backsplash, raise the kitchen cabinets, AND replace the carpet for less than $500...........

**After my husband read this, he yelled from his office "who is gonna lift the f@%&*ing tub?"....heheheheh.  Not me.  Doctor's orders :)


  1. I see your hubby reads your blog too, sometimes wish mine didn't but at least he's taking an interest I guess.
    You will certainly have a challenge doing what's on your list for under $500 but I'm sure you are very resourceful, go for it!

  2. A new post. FINALLY! And *I* have NEVER lived that way. Haha. I cannot WAIT to see what you do!!! Remember - readers love B&A' take plenty. <3

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