Friday, February 26, 2010

Caning vs. Grasscloth

I have a sudden urge to make something with my hands.  Unfortunately, the only thing I'll be doing this weekend is tidying up the storage room.......But it does give me the opportunity to photograph and obsess over the future of my cane back dining set won on ebay a few weeks ago.  I recently came upon this picture at Good Bones, Great Pieces (AKA my new favorite daily read) and it got my wheels turning:

I'll add a photo of said chairs when I get a second  off my butt. I have a few rolls of Phillips Jeffries Grasscloth Wallpaper leftover from my accent wall project in the study and a whole box of nail heads just waiting for a purpose.

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  1. Hey just stopping by to check your blog out. I really like it! Same principles as mine. Do you reupholster?

    Congratulations on the pregnancy!