Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll humor you.....

I was "tagged" by my friend Caroline over at Six Word Biography to do a "random things" segment on here.   I must disclose that this is EXACTLY why I didn't want to start a blog in the first place, but she will stalk me until I complete the task so here goes....

***note to self: start being more interesting***

  1. I guess the major thing you may not know about me is that I am 5 months preggers.  So, that explains the lack of actual DIY posts lately.  I am not sick, nor waddling just yet; just have others things on my mind at the moment.  Waiting for that nesting phase to kick in.....annnyyy minute now.                         
  2. I am wildly obsessed with dating shows.  I can watch a marathon of Millionaire Matchmaker and The Bachelor back to back to back.  I think this stems from my lack of dating in the real world.  I was not a dater in college and happened to fall in love with my roommate, now my husband, pretty early on so we missed all that courtship.  I can't say I regret that, especially from the looks of the dating world today, but I do find it fascinating that people think there is a formula to all this.
  3. I absolutely HAVE TO have my sandwich cut on the diagonal.  Luckily I have only ever had to send it back to the chef in the comforts of my own home :)
  4. I am completely deaf in my right ear.  Up until a year ago, I thought it was from birth - coming down the canal or something, but a recent visit to the EN&T doctor suggested it was an infection somewhere between age 0-2 yrs old.  I have no desire to fix it since I don't know life any other way and it helps me sleep :)
  5. I love traveling more than anything else.  It is inspiring, relaxing, educational, and most of all, reminds me that we are all the same.  I love knowing that people everywhere have the similar issues, laugh at the same stuff, and enjoy the same things as I do.....well, mostly.
  6. I very rarely ever buy anything full price.  Quite often I am seduced by the discount itself rather than the actual item.  Surprisingly, I've had buyers remorse only a few times and it usually involved a $10 plaid tank from H&M so no big loss.
  7. I truly believe that my dog will start talking to me any time now.  I'm so sick of all this eye communicating.  Although, Tyra would be pleased.


  1. Hahaha WOO HOO! And I even got a dog photo to boot! It's a good day over here on's a good day. What's funny is when I got tagged I was all, dannnngg. Barf. I So 2007. But I did it anyway. So thank you for doing the same =) Xoxo

  2. Haha, I can relate. I have been awarded 2 blog awards that I have yet to post on but I have a mental block about them thinking they'll take too long.
    You are going to looove that nesting phase, just don't over do it!