Monday, March 1, 2010


I am obsessed with all things octopus.

I found this pillow for $52 in Provincetown, MA this summer at a fabulous store called Yates & Kennedy.  They don't have a website, but you can't miss it on Commercial St.  They have great sales after the high season ends (after Labor day).

Alas, I did not buy it.  I feared it would be too matchy matchy with a previous project hanging over the couch.

I have been obsessed with this image ever since I laid eyes on it at the Boston Design Center and then several times on blogs and design spreads.  But at this price, I'd never own it.

So, one day I decided to make it myself.

How you ask?

I just found an image online, took it to my local copy center, had them blow it up and cut it into thirds.  I must admit, the image was quite pixelated from the enlargement, but I planned to paint over it anyway.  I taped it down to my dining room table and painted over the image using a light grey color and shaded with a darker grey color.  Of course, right before I was done, my brush touched the white part of the paper and the octopus will forever look like it just relieved itself.  Oh well.

If I can do it, you can do it!

Next time, I will try to print the negative of the image so the background is dar like the print above.

I plan on doing a whale or shark image for a certain nursery room so I'll be sure to detail and document the steps.


  1. Haahahaha i LOVE IT! And I love the paint splatter!!!!!!! This totally reminds me of a blog where the girl turned a major mistake into art....i gotta find it.

  2. you are so talented, love it!!