Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy (belated) St. Patrick's Day

Ok, so I'm a day late on the green....but, really, can you ever get enough anyway?

My friend just bought a fantastic condo in Charlestown, MA that I will finally get to see this Saturday.  She is quite the decorator and has already got the painters in there this week.  She painted her bedroom grass green and I immediately thought of Kate Spade's green bedroom that circulated a few years ago.

Image credits: Canadian House & Home via Hello Gorgeous via Bandelle

I am loving the green with the bright white linens and black accents.  I am picturing a lot of gold knick knacks strewn around the room as well.  

Have you discovered Nate Berkus' line at HSN?  I'm loving these and the new lattice sheet sets and the furniture....

Nate Berkus™ Set of 2 Branch Candlesticks
And nightstands........drooling over these:

They remind me of a sideboard I spied in Angie Hranowsky's portfolio 

My little sister has an art show in Brooklyn this weekend.......perhaps she can just swing by and throw them in her trunk?

Anyone in the Williamsburg area - go!

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  1. Hi Katy (Katie?). Thanks for your comment. Actually I just sold the grey sofa on ebay last night. So pleased as I am running out of room in my house! Mind you, knowing me, I'll probably just buy another one to replace it.
    I am currently trying to decorate my formal lounge in black and white and if I do use an accent colour, it will probably be green. Isn't it a great combo.
    You are obviously from a very creative family. Wish I lived closer so I could go along and view your sister's art.