Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Someone Go Buy This

I was debating about getting this chair. The auction ends Mar 06, 201019:12:01 PST and there is currently only 1 bid on it. I inquired about shipping and it is $79 to Boston and Charleston so I think it is safe to say that is a flat rate for the entire east coast.

I envision her (aka Ophelia) maintaining her beautiful hue of gold and upholstered in a simple pattern to compliment the bathroom/vanity she rules over. Or, she'd be a great accent chair in a bedroom....or little girl's nursery :)

I decided not to bid for it since we have enough to move, so that is why I am sharing this little gem with you. Don't let it slip away.  I've bought from these dealers in the past and their stuff is great. Bid confidently and make me proud!


  1. You're killing me here! I wonder how much shipping to Australia would cost???

  2. Ange - If you fly me to Aussie to visit, I'll bring it over :)