Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Purple? Really?

I am about to head to the fabric store to (finally) finish a project that has been sitting in the corner of the living room for too long.

My original thought was to try to salvage the leftover pieces of the Raspberry East Village material from my Rubie chair, but now I'm thinking neutral.......especially if it could be living in MY living room for awhile.  I forget that I will need furniture in the not too distant future for our new house.

So, I still have this project to do:

A pair of cane back chairs scored from the Brimfield Antique Show last year.  I envisioned them painted white with a fun patterned fabric like this one from Angie Hranowsky's personal home:

The last time I was in Charleston, I stopped at my favorite fabric store, gdc Home and saw this for much cheaper:

While it is lacking the beautiful gold accent color, I like the muted tones.  I'm not one to gravitate towards purple (for dresses yes, fabric no) so could this be a contender?

I also liked this fabric to accompany it:

If this is what I'm leaning towards, my purchases today will have to be pretty neutral.  I am shopping for these projects:

Stay tuned...........


  1. Those cane back chairs were SUPPOSED to be mine!! But I guess since you got a house before I did you can have, hoo. Definately get the Charleston fabric!-SAS

  2. Hi Katie. You really have the best eye for choosing the right furniture pieces to spruce up! I love that muted purple patterned fabric and the chair in Angie's home. Looking forward to seeing what you decide.

  3. Wee! I love those fabrics! Can't wait!