Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dining Chairs: Before And After

Remember these?

Well look at them now:

A few months ago I scored some Christopher Farr fabric in "Ravenna" (Julie - I don't remember the seller, sorry!) and FINALLY used it on my dining room chairs  (also an ebay score).  Sadly (and more frustratingly), I did not end up upholstering them myself.  I attempted one, and I found myself and the living room knee deep in foam, staples, and very sharp upholstery tools.  NOT a great environment for a 3 month old.  Will I EVER get my own workshop?? (Now I feel like I need to go read Virginia Woolf)

Do you like my new table from World Market?  You'll see a better view soon.  Promise. Maybe even tomorrow.


  1. I DO like your World Market table! They have some GREAT options right now!

    I have christopher Farr Ravenna on my eBay auto searches, so I will know if it's ever for sale again :)

  2. Christopher Farr on dining chairs- LOVE and am highly jealous!!! They look gorgeous with the new table...perfect!

  3. Love the chairs and LOVE the table. I remember having my Mum look after my daughter for days at a time while I indulged in upholstering. You're right, not a hobby compatable with babies.