Monday, October 25, 2010

Shelf Style SOS

Look at this pathetic excuse for living:

Yup, I unpacked the books and such in no particular order and just left them like that.  Yikes!

I wish Jamie from i suwannee could help me.  I wish her obsession with pretty bookcases would be contagious.  

In other news, the couch was delivered last week! L-U-V.  


  1. Bookcases can be so daunting- I just did mine (after years of neglect) and just simply organized the books by colour- it took a little time but was simple and I really like the finished look. I love your new couch and of course, those chiang mai delights. In other news, I ran the riddling rack by husband and he loved it but sadly, we have absolutely no room in our kitchen. I have no wall space at all in there- all covered with either cabinets of windows. Thanks so much for the offer though- if I had anywhere to put it, I would be scrambling to purchase:( And also, the IKEA ball is quite huge- I thought it was too big for the room at first but it has grown on me- casts a really beautiful light.

  2. I tried organizing our books by color and that seemed to help, until my lovely sister decided that we should paint our spare room. Now the books are on the floor until we have a new shelves put up.