Monday, October 11, 2010

Canada Is Really Bringing It, Eh

Canada has really got it going on.  They filled a lot of gaps (RIP Domino) with their sustaining shelter magazines, gave us HGTV, and introduced us to Sarah RichardsonSarah's House (or as my husband calls it, Sarah's Hoose) is so fun to watch, although I still don't quite understand what she does with the houses she renovates or how she makes a profit.

Now meet Christine.  She lives in Toronto and recently contacted me about purchasing my Christopher Farr fabric.  Since I never used it, I was happy to give it a new home.  After she described where she wanted to use the fabric in her house (Chiang Mai Dragon, Imperial Trellis, David Hicks "La Fiorentina"...) I HAD to see pictures.  Let me preface this by telling you she has 3 kids and a "large" dog......There is hope for my white couch yet!

I should've bartered for the ottoman! 

White pouf! 

This chair is covered in faux ostrich skin making it very durable to sticky kid fingers.  Brilliant!  I will steal this idea for my chairs.

Love Valley of the Dolls

I love her use of neutrals with pops of vibrant accents.  It looks like she put a lot of thought into her collections to achieve that layered look.  This house does not look like it was copied out of a catalog. 

Where did she find these things you ask?  Well, she happened to divulge her secrets to me:

1. Ottoman and lamp- Global Home NY
2. Vintage Sette- etsy  (bohemiennes)
3. Mirror- homesense  This is the Canadian version of Homegoods.  TJX owns them.  
4. Platner Chair- ebay
5. Tufted Chair- Cocoon Furnishings- Lillian August line
5. Cushions- etsy ( and furbish studio and a few other etsy sellers (imperial trellis, japanese kimono pillow and blue stripes)
6. sofa- Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams (Elte)
7. Coffee table- custom design
8. Rosewood furniture- vintage from family
9. Rug- Ikea Stockholm Rand and cowhide (Elte)
10. Artwork on fireplace- Nama Roc0co (Lille a Shop)

Christine promised to send me an "after" photo of where she is putting the Christopher Farr fabric.  I am looking forward to reading her contributions to the blog world.  Be sure to add her to your daily read!


  1. Love Christopher Farr's fabrics and Christine's home is fabulous! Thanks for the introduction!

  2. Oh my goodness- I am sooooo excited, I can't really speak! Thank you so much for posting about me- such and honour:)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!