Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend Warrior

A few weekends ago, husband tackled a little project for me.  I spy......

Corner shelves!!

What a guy!  And, no swearing was involved!

Still not sure about the content, but we're experimenting.

Do you have any projects this weekend?  Tell me about them....(Really, don't be shy.  Hit comment and type away :))


  1. Your kitchen really is amazing and the corner shelves just add to its perfection. You have to tell me where you got the wine thing(like that technical term:)- I would love love one of those for my kitchen. I am hoping to start my chairs this weekend- painting and upholstering backs- still waiting for front fabric...thinking of using the carnvial for a long bench for behind the sofa- we shall see! Have a great weekend!

  2. You're so nonchalant about your's fabulous!!!

  3. My weekend project will be finishing painting the bedroom. I went with Evening Eclipse from Valspar lightened about 30%. Our favorite friend helped me put the first coat on last night, easy peasy (two bottle of wine helped).

  4. Christine - I just so happen to have the other half of that riddling rack (aka "wine thingy:) We only used one side of the sandwich board style. I'll email you about it.
    Julie - thanks :)
    Kristen - Aren't friends the best? Especially ones who bring wine :)

  5. Your kitchen is outstanding Katie. I wish all of blogland could see it!
    Well done to your husband. The shelves look great.

  6. Loovvee it! Can't wait to come visit you!!

  7. Are you kidding with your kitchen?! It's awesome. I LOVE it. I can't wait to see the rest of the house.