Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Wood You Do With This Empty Space?

Ah, old jokes are back (lucky you!)

Look what Jenny did to her friend's non-working fireplace:

I love this look.  It will take a lot of wood to fill up our fireplace, but I love the rustic look it will bring to the room.  Now - if I could only find that Moroccan rug somewhere for cheap. I had it in my grasps a few years back at a major rug sale event, but had no room for it at the time :(  Maryam from My Marrakesh has some great choices and her prices are a fraction of  the cost you'd find in the US.  Email her for details.


  1. I love a wood fireplace but would probably go for gas as I can't handle the spiders that hitch a ride on the wood.
    I can't seem to access your last post, the faux ostrich one.

  2. Ange -

    That post is still in the editing got a sneak peek by accident :)