Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Before And After: Patio

BEFORE: Dirt area between our house and the carriage house 

I can't even call it a "patio:before".  This photo was taken right when we bought the place.  Imagine all the construction debris that piled there and wasn't quite hauled off as promised.....

The hardscapers cleared and leveled it:

And started in with the herringbone pattern:

We still need to paint the fence, buy a grill, sew a new cushion and pillows for the couch, plant things in the built-in flower bed, and style the area, but we're happy relaxing out here.  And, thankfully, the neighbors can no longer see into the yard from their deck :)


Sidenote: That is a rinnai on the side of our house (left).  Environmentally friendly doesn't always mean pretty (or fast), but it does the job.  The beast of an HVAC is hidden behind the fence, along with myriad beach chairs and perhaps my future bike :)


  1. Beeauuttiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE this new space, great work!

  3. That's a lot better! You can also add potted plants to give the area a fresher and more airy look. Some decorations won't hurt too. :)
    Sol Hendricks @ Diamond Contracting