Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Before And After: Cane Back Chairs

I bought these chairs at Brimfield Antique Market 2 summers ago (mark your calendar: 2011 dates are May 10-15, July 12-17, Sept 6-11).  I didn't know it at the time, but they are a great match to my cane back dining chairs.  I got a 2 for 1 deal since they double as living room chairs and host chairs at the dining table.



I'm loving the gray faux ostrich skin fabric.  Kid friendly, renter friendly, and still chic.  And I can officially report that I love the white slip cover couch I got a few months ago.  I switch out the slipcovers every few weeks and just throw them in the wash.  So easy.  Do you have any kid-proof/life-proof decor ideas to pass on? any kid-proof/life-proof decor ideas to pass on?


  1. LOVE!! They look fabulous and I'm all about the faux ostrich- looks divine and so so kid friendly.

  2. Awesome!! They look amazing!!! I want to re-upholster something in faux ostrich!!

  3. Love these chairs! The arms on them are fabulous!

    My advice for kid-proofing - stick with easy care fabrics & no juice or messy snacks in the family room.

    For dog-proofing, I keep a bucket of water & towels at the backdoor to wipe muddy paws before she gets in the house!

    Finally, always keep carpet & other cleaners nearby!

  4. I feel like I commented on this earlier....not sure what it!

    Did you spray paint them? I picked up a crazy cheap cane back chair the other day at the ghetto antique store and still am figuring what to do with it.

    Faux ostrich is a fab idea.

  5. What a great before & after! What were the former owners thinking using orange velvet??? I like orange but yowie!

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