Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another Ebay Find I Have to Pass Up

PLEASE someone get this.

I wanted it for the baby's changing table, but it is only 24" wide.  It would last me a month until the baby was dangling off the side (although we're short folk, so maybe I could get away with it for longer....)

Anyway - It looks awesome white or you could paint it in another fun color.  I picture it as a key and mail drop off station just inside your front door.  Add this mirror and a few trays for keys and mail and you're an organized woman.

(UM - WHAT THE FRICK?  I  just went to Ballards to get the link and they no longer carry it!!!  If anyone sees it, please buy it for me.  I did see it at the Ballards outlet in ATL and it was really fragile and easily damaged, but I l-u-v it)


  1. STOP IT. Stop. I want that so damn badly (and I have no baby, but am shamelessly collecting items for a future nursery - sick).

    I would so buy that for a nursery - is it really too short for a baby? Clueless...

  2. I know! Seriously....please buy it. I would make that baby fit on that thing if I weren't so scared I'd stunt it's growth.