Friday, May 14, 2010

Wall Decals: Do or Don't?

Normally I would say wall decals are a DON'T since I've seen some overdone homes with one too many inspirational quotes, but I am kind of digging them for a nursery.  It is a lot easier to take these off the walls in a few years then to repaint a room.

I had added a monkey decal to my Pottery Barn Kids registry thinking it was cute but not really caring if I received it or not.  But this week at the Charleston Farmers' Market we spied a new booth with similar options for a fraction of the cost.  And the best thing is that they customize any order!

Meet Wallfly. Their "mission is to transform boring walls into inspired and creative wall solutions."  Dalit Goobich is a College of Charleston grad who decided to transform her artist capabilities into a fruitful business.  She is super cute and said she'd be willing to design anything I wanted......surfboards, starfish - you name it.  I also received a 10% off coupon that I'll pass along to you.  Enter Chasfarm for the discount.  With free shipping on anything over $30, it's a no brainer to use her instead of Pottery Barn.  

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  1. They are a DOOOOOOOOOOO. For nurseries. Everytime I see them on a blog I want a baby. It's fleeting, but it's there.