Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Found Treasures

Hubby insisted on documenting said glass bottle treasures and sharing them with you....

Oh, and did I mention he was at the DMV this morning registering our car......which meant getting a new drivers license......which meant getting his picture taken:

(Disclosure: he grew it for fun and it has now snowballed into a competition among some friends who are coming into town in 2 weeks to compare 'staches)  Oh, and he does not work for the FBI.

Reason #912 why I feel like we're in the witness protection program.  Other reasons?  We own a car!  We are having a baby!  We live in a red, bible-beating state!  I have no friends!  But I digress......


  1. It looks like that dapper fellow may be able to use those bottles in his old timey apothecary and/or saloon.

  2. When are you posting YOUR drivers license photo huh? ;-)
    Don't talk to me about having no friends!!! We have moved so many times that the last time, I decided making friends was just too much like hard work and I wasn't going to even try....bad move. It does take effort but seems to be mandatory to staying sane. Thinking of you Katie and at the risk of sounding like a "bible-beater", I'm praying for you :o)

  3. Haahahaha love everything about this post!