Monday, May 10, 2010

Renovations Before Video

Week 1 of the Duncan St Renovation Project

I hope you guys can see these videos.  I'll post some stills below, too.  The above video is of the 1st floor prior to demo work.

I really wish the previous tenants left that bike. Guess what we found underneath the carpet??

Can you say ORIGINAL HEART PINE WOOD???  I am not sure how they survived Hurricane Hugo in 1989, but they did!  The house was built in 1840 and boy did they do it right back then.

This next video is of the 2nd floor.  Keep in mind that I am no video wizard.  The perspective is way off and the rooms are small so it is hard to get a good angle.  I am also mumbling a narrative to myself in parts, but most of it is about how "gross" everything is.

Things are coming along just great.  We only have to rip out the walls on the 1st level since they found insulation in the walls on the 2nd floor.  And we were convinced that there were no hardwoods on the 1st floor.  What an awesome surprise!  It makes everyone's life a little more difficult working around them (foundation work is needed), but who could throw those gems away?


  1. I like the sound your feet make while you shuffle around. I makes me imagine you wearing little old lady slippers. You have a whole house and it's all yours!! HOLY COW.

  2. Weeee!! Weee!!!!!!!! It's starting!!!!!