Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Large Kitchen or Dining Nook?

Calling all readers (all 5 of you...):  I need your advice.

If you had the option to have a big kitchen with lots of storage and even a recycling area with 3 pullout compartment under-cabinets (this only exists in my head at the moment) and a large farm table delineating the kitchen from the living room 
A medium/smallish kitchen with a separate dining nook a la the below images, 

Which one would you choose?

Exhibit A:  This is the view of the kitchen looking from the living room.  Those walls will come down

Exhibit B:  We could use this white beam structure to delineate the kitchen (on the left) and the dining nook (on the right)

Kitchen Side: The cabinets/appliances would start from the left and make an L-Shape around the corner to the right

Dining Nook Side:  I envision built in L-shaped upholstered seating along these 2 walls and a table

Kind of like this

Coventry Collection

But a bit more cozy and styled, like this:

My main concern is not having enough room for the large farm table and living room furniture.  Keep in mind we are having a kid soon so I assume we need a lot of space for "things".  Does that mean kitchen cabinet space or floor space?  Do these questions make you scared for my child?

We are meeting with the cabinet people today so should get a better idea of budget and layout.  I'd love your ideas.  Please comment away.....thanks!


  1. You need to think of the resale....not how you want your forever house to be. What are the kitchens like for other style homes in the area? How can you make yours stand out for how we live today? Are seperate eating areas a thing of the past or how many people can you really entertain in this size house?

  2. boooo Sassy. You're going to live there now so you might as well enjoy it. A three compartment pull out system for recycling would be awesome and you are getting the big farm table anyways right? I like the coziness of a nook but you want to feel like you have enough room while you're in the kitchen doing things. No one uses dinning rooms these days. Go big.

  3. I vote LARGE kitchen - im thinking your kid will be playing on the floor more than sitting nicely in a nook. You can add the nook when baby becomes a gripey, sulky teenager = )