Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Apron In The Kitchen

Funny how one thing leads to another.....I was perusing the interwebs and visiting a newfound friend on the blogosphere, when I discovered Julie over at Milk and Honey Home.  She has an AMAZING kitchen backsplash from Walker Zanger and I just had to ask details and add it to my growing list of possible backsplashes.  BTW - The scalloped mosaic sample came in the mail the other day and we nixed it.  Too fancy for a simple kitchen.  Thank you for all your comments!  Decisions are halted until we find a countertop we like.

Julie also introduced me to a very important google search keyword, "fireclay", when searching for cheap internet deals on farm/apron sinks.  Who knew this would make all the difference in the world?  One can easily obtain said beauty for under $500.
Kitchen Farmhouse Apron Front Sink - White Single 24
This makes me very happy, because now we might be able to get a real live range hood instead of a microwave above the stove!  Of course this new plan throws a major wrench in the kitchen design.  As I said, one thing leads to another :)

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