Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HomeGoods is Good for the Home

I went to the local HomeGoods today (which BTW is associated with Marshalls instead of TJMaxx here, weird) and fell in love with so much stuff.  It will definitely be my go to place for most of the home decorating.  Something tells me that the prices aren't as cheap as they could be though.  I think we get suckered in by the "discount" store idea...but is it really at a discount?

I've been saving this image taken from My Favorite And My Best a few months ago:

I love the simplicity with unique pops of shapes and color.  We are putting a tub and pedestal sink in the baby's bathroom so I am using this as my inspiration photo.

AND....I saw this mirror at Homegoods today for $49.99

Not identical, but still conjures up the same feel of whimsy.  I think it would look very cool in a pop of coral or green. I have a metal bin that I plan to stencil a la Jenny at LGN and her monogrammed umbrella stand.  We just have to wait for a name and sex.......4 weeks to go!


  1. Hi! didn't find your email on your blog. That's ok, mine isn't on mine either! Okay, the tile is Ashby Mosaic from Walker Zanger. Isn't it grand? I love it. Pricey, but I have to look at it for 40 years! Also, I need to look at my receipts to find where I got the sink. I got it online, but much cheaper for 600 bucks as opposed to 1,000 dollar name brand. The key word you look for is "fireclay"!!!! Fireclay won't scratch. I cook a lot and am messy and the sink is always full. It still looks white and not scratched! IKEA has one for much cheaper, but it is not fireclay. I would save up for a fireclay. My mom has ceramic that is not fireclay and she is always a nervous wreck about scratches. Take care!

  2. Yes my friend HG really is a discount! As a former HG buyer (with no more ties) I can attest to how serious they take value and comparison pricing - it was drilled into us daily!