Thursday, June 24, 2010

Deal of the Week

I have not been taking many photos of the house renovation project because I don't think much is happening.  But, I also have thought the same about my belly for the last few months and I know that is not, I promise to be a better blogger. (Thanks, Diane, for calling me out)

To help with the (sometimes) daily posts, I've decided to add a "Deal of the Week"  to the line-up.  I know you are all frugal shoppers, especially in this economy, but it never hurts to get a free tip every once in awhile.

I've already made you privy of the Farm Sink on ebay, but I'll share another find this week.  It may not be appropriate for you all, but you just never know who is in the market for a new crib and mattress.

I've fallen in love with the Jenny Lind DaVinci 3-in-1 convertible crib seen everywhere from Land of Nod (not currently listed on site) to CSN Baby for $267 (original price $446.98!) to Target for $199.  I was almost enticed my a craigslister who was selling hers (with mattress, blah) for $250.  I was no fool.   No siree.  After a little more digging, I found the exact same one (NEW mind you) at Walmart for $149 INCLUDING a mattress AND free shipping.  Magic to my ears.

I am digging the white for now, but would love it in black or even gold a la Erika at Urban Grace.  We just have to see what comes out......I'm bidding on a changing table that ends soon so cross your fingers.

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  1. I seriously LOVE that crib. It's so chic and classic and the price is unbeatable.