Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Globe Lamp Re-do

I hate when I'm feeling crafty and don't have any of the supplies I need to carry out the ideas.  So, I'll share this one with you until I can actually try it out.  Or....one of you could try it out for me and tell me if it works :)

We've all seen this kitchen image over the past few months and drooled over those pendant lamps.  My sister and I found them online for about $900 each.  Too exy for us. (Hello dreamy backsplash.  GO comment on yesterday's question)

Photo courtesy of Styleathome.com

After browsing IKEA for new pendant lights, I saw this and was immediately reminded of the above image. 


Now, I can afford $40 (on most days).  But, per usual, I can't just take it as it is; I must transform it somehow and make my life more difficult.  I did some quick online research and found that you can, indeed, paint glass lamps.  And, luckily, the dark color would be on top of the globe as to not obscure the light coming through.  I could probably do a gold/bronze band of paint to mimic the metal accents and perhaps glue (?) on a few pointy things.  Or maybe on one of my treasure hunts I could find actual bronze strips and adhere them somehow.......ah the possibilities.

One could also use this pendant as another option:

Somebody please go do this so I can see if it works.  IKEA is 3+ hours away now and it hurts a little to think of all the things I am missing out on there.  Namely, $0.99 breakfast!

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